About Mariama

Mariama Tatum is an independent artist whose music is said by her peers to be a “breath of fresh air” and “what this generation needs”. She currently resides in Atlanta, GA, where she collaborates with different indie artist movements while finishing up her first project entitled MariBloom. MariBloom will put listeners in the passenger's seat of Mariama’s life experiences during the last couple of years. Her music relates to the R&B genre, with a hint of soul, hip hop, and jazz. Her voice and sound are sweet with a spicy edge.

Spending much of her early childhood in Chicago, IL, Mariama’s introduction to the Performing Arts began at the age of four when her mother enrolled her in private violin lessons at Chicago’s Merit School of Music. She performed as a vocalist with the Chicago Children’s Choir and was a featured dancer with the Alyo Children’s Dance Theatre of Chicago. After moving to Atlanta, Mariama’s music performance continued as a saxophonist with the infamous Jean Childs Young Middle School Jazz Band and continued throughout high school with the Georgia State University’s Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra where she performed as both a tenor saxophonist and as the orchestra’s jazz vocalist. Mariama performed as a featured youth jazz artist at the Atlanta Jazz Festivals of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Mariama’s excellence as a tenor saxophonist was recognized by the Georgia Music Educators Association who nominated her as first chair tenor saxophonist for the district’s All-State Symphonic Band as well as first chair tenor saxophonist for the district’s All-State Jazz Band in the same year. During this same period in her performance career, Mariama auditioned for and was accepted into the Berklee College of Music where she continues to study Music Business.

Mariama is known for her ear tingling intimate live shows which often showcase a full five-piece band including Mariama who performs as both the vocalist and the tenor saxophonist. She also involves the crowd in her performances and will have the whole room singing her catchy songs by the finale. Mariama has been featured in the artist showcase Little Five Arts Alive and has opened up for artists Willie Hyn and Musiq Soulchild. Her latest releases are her debut single Day One released December 2017, followed by her second single released in May 2018, Push. Her debut EP entitled MariBloom is now available everywhere.

Yung Miss, a writer from the blog LA On Lock wrote “Day One reminds me of K. Michelle and Kiesha Cole and that’s a very good thing. There is definitely a market for Mariama Tatum and I hope she makes the most of that open lane!”

Mariama is a civil rights and women rights activist and wants to ultimately use the fruits of her labor to help children with special needs.